Stone ovens

Stone ovens are back again and much appreciated after many years in “oblivion”. With this type of oven it is only necessary to light a fire once a day – normally in the evening – because the heavy stone mass, when first heated up, gives out a very even and pleasant warmth to the house until the next evening. A minimum of maintainance is required and it is easy to operate the oven.

In the autumn and winter months at BB-Albertine, you will feel the amazing impact that this oven has on the indoor climate. You can enjoy the sight and sound of the crackling fire while relaxing with a cup of good coffee or tea and perhaps a bite of chocolate. Whether you want to look into the enticing flames or prefer to only warm your “back and behind” on the stone bench through which the smoke is led through to the chimney, is entirely your choice.

The stone oven is the heart of BB-Albertine and a true delight to one’s senses.
If you would like to know more about stone ovens, or perhaps want one yourself, please look